Player features — festivalnow!

Player features — festivalnow!

When, to whom, where and how – you decide

The player, which was developed by our specialists, and which you can embed on the pages of the festival website, offers great flexibility in settings. And it also supports Multi-DRM video encryption protection, which not every player can do.

The player (it’s called playernow!) Allows you to:

  • Connect external subtitles for a large number of languages.
  • Select audio tracks embedded in video.
  • Show ads. Advertising is connected in VPAID and VAST format. Advertising or promotional videos can be connected before, during or after the video, in a variety of ways.
  • Switch video quality (in this case, the player will automatically select the preferred quality based on the viewer’s Internet speed).
  • Use tabs and keyboard to control the player for people with disabilities.
  • Connect a poster (splash screen) that will be displayed in the player before starting playback.
  • Log in to the LC of the festival to access the movie.


Platforms and browsers

Our player works in most modern web browsers.

Views statistics

Our player sends events to the browser that are related to its use. It integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, where you can customize viewer activity reports for yourself.

We also collect statistics on video views. You can find out in your personal account details about your audience who watched your films – their geography, devices and much more.

Player branding

On request, we can provide customization of our player for your brand. The location of the logo in the corner of the player window is possible, as well as corporate colors.

Placing the player on the festival website

We can pass the player to you in two ways: using an iframe tag or by inserting js code.

Player authorization

We have the ability to enable authorization inside our player. Until the user is logged in, he will not be able to start browsing. Registration, password recovery is also possible there. Access to your festivalnow account! issued to the festival manager and he can observe the list of registered users.

Related functions

Although they are not direct functions of the player, they do affect how the video is displayed in the player:

Our festivalnow platform! knows how to impose geographic restrictions on video viewing. For example, the most popular one now is to show videos only for users of the Russian Federation and the CIS (the list of countries can be easily customized). This is usually due to the copyright for showing films in certain territories only.

Also video can be protected with Multi-DRM service. If the user does not have the right to view this content, he will not see it in the player.

Features in development

Expect soon:

  • limiting the number of views for a user,
  • limiting the number of devices allowed per user,
  • buying tickets (access to content) directly from the player,
  • extended statistics on the actions of viewers,
  • blocking unscrupulous viewers seen in piracy

… and other useful features. Write to us what you still lack in our player!