Hold your festival online with festivalnow!

Film festival management software

Whether you are hosting a conference, festival, sporting event or concert, festivalnow has! there is the perfect solution for your events

CDN Content Delivery Network

Fast delivery of high-quality video to different cities without delays! Our CDN can easily handle millions of views of a single video during broadcasts or festivals.

Video protection

A number of systems that restrict pirated access to video. Separate DRMs are used for different platforms: FairPlay, Widevine Modular, Playready, WisePlay.

Advanced proxy protection

We define VPN and proxy servers and do not allow watching videos from unauthorized regions.


Our player can work with VAST 3 and VPAID formats. Customize your ad before or during the movie. Show promo videos, screensavers, commercial ads.

Google Analytics support

Connect GA on the page with the player and study the statistics of the viewer's interaction with the player. Our player sends all the necessary requests to GA — the number of views, keystrokes, etc.

Online statistics in your personal account

Study statistics on traffic views, number of requests for DRM licenses, data volume.

Online broadcasts

We will include, if necessary, in the festival program "live" broadcasting. We can distribute the stream already generated by your service (distribution via CDN), or provide you with our broadcast service.

Embedding the player on your site

Our player is very easy to integrate into your site through the iframe tag. You control the size of the player and you can use additional attributes to fine-tune the video display — add a poster, add a title to the title, and others.


Transcoding of audio and video streams from any format to any other with different quality settings is possible.


Deliver premium quality videos!

festivalnow! created a platform providing you with the best technical solutions and the best experience in the world of online festivals. Connect our service under the brand of the festival and safely provide access to films.

  • Maximum content protection
  • Support for the vast majority of platforms and browsers
  • Flexible configuration of geo-restrictions
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